Staff Photo

Holly Griffin

Holly joined CYC Trust at the beginning of 2011 as a 24-7 Youth Worker but moved in to roles as a practicing Administrator in 2015. Holly has a degree in English and History at Massey University and has been involved for many years in community camps, programs, and high school youth groups.

Josh Port
Contracts Manager

Josh has been working with us since mid 2015. Previously he worked for Springboard and set up their Alternative Education and Youth Mentoring programs. Josh also worked for Auckland Council as a manager in the Youth Development Team for 4 years. Josh is awesome at empowering both his colleagues in doing a great job in their roles, and the young people he works with to help them navigate successful future pathways. Josh is married to Kate and they have three children.

Youth Workers

Jono Dempsey
Youth Work Team Leader

Jono has been working with youth for all his adult life, in fact, he was helping out at youth camps since he was a young person himself! He returned from a short hiatus in 2014 to take on the role of Youth Work Team Leader and has been with CYC for over 10 years. Working closely with the staff of Whangaparaoa College, Jono endeavors to create a positive environment for young people both in and out of school and can often be found at events around the community with the mobile drop-in-unit, named ‘Emily’. Jono is a talented and committed leader and core to CYC’s success in supporting local youth. Jono lives on the coast and is married to Dayna.

Dayna Dempsey
24-7 Youth Worker

Dayna has been working with us since the beginning of 2015! She meets up with year 10-13 girls at the college. Dayna interacts with young people in such a fun loving, and caring way we have been so excited to see her flourishing in this role. Dayna also studies business and economics at Massey university and is married to Jono.

Kayana Barton
24-7 Youth Worker

Kayana started in the role of a Youth Worker at the beginning of 2016 but had been involved in working with youth for the previous two years. Kayana is working with young women in the intermediate age group and we are excited to see where this leads her. She is great at building sustainable relationships with young women and has a real empathy and knowledge of situations they may be going through. We are thrilled to have her on board.

Brendon Carr
24-7 Youth Worker

Brendon begun in his role as a 24-7 Youth Worker in early 2016 and has taken to it like a duck to water. He has been involved with youth ministry for over 4 years and is great at organizing events, interacting with youth and getting involved wherever he can to make a positive difference in young people’s lives. Brendon is integral to the Whangaparaoa Baptist Church Youth Ministry

Danny Ellwood
24-7 Youth Worker

Danny came on to the CYC team in 2016 and has flourished in his role as a senior boys youth worker. He has been an asset from the moment he started volunteering for us- so we had to hire him! He has a way of connecting with others that is truly unique and authentic and we are stoked to have him on the youth work team.

Ash Mowatt
24-7 Youth Worker

Ash came on board at CYC at the beginning of 2014. He is a master in creating positive environments to connect and build relationship with young people. He focuses his efforts with years 7 through 9 at Whangaparaoa College and can often be found coaching the junior basketball teams.

Sam Bernard
24-7 Youth Worker

We were extremely happy to welcome Sam Bernard on to the CYC Team in 2017 as a youth worker at Gulf Harbour School. Not only is he a whiz behind a camera, but he is an awesome musician too! He brings joy and some great knowledge to the youth work team.

Josh Sanford

Josh has worked for CYC Trust for almost a decade and has recently come on board as our Executive Director- we are absolutely thrilled to have him in this role. Josh has a Bachelor of Theology and is also the Youth Pastor of Whangaparaoa Baptist Church. Josh has a strong interest in male role modelling and mentoring and runs The Rite Journey program at Whangaparaoa College. He is married to Anna and they have a wonderful daughter, Lace.

Board Members

Ben Thompson


Ben is a valuable asset to the CYC team as an accomplished business man, and entrepreneur. He brings his varied experiences from many different businesses and countries, notably in the fast moving consumer goods area. We love having Ben as part of the Board of Trustees to govern and guide us. Ben is married.


John Cooke
Board Member

John has a long and widely traveled career, having spent 20 years as an automotive engineer and business owner as well as 30 years as a tour director & guide taking clients through 43 countries.

John also has many years experience running youth groups and brings this and his business experience to the Board of Coast Youth Community Trust.

Tim Hall
Board Member

Tim joined CYC in 2015 as a board member for the Trust. Tim has grown up on the coast, attending Kingsway School and university completing a degree in marketing. Currently Tim is employed at Burger Fuel as a Cultural Marketing Assistant. With many years experience leading and mentoring groups of young people (including volunteering for CYC), and caring dutifully for his award-winning moustache, we are super pleased to have Tim on our board!