The Emily Project

‘Emily’ is CYC’s Mobile Drop-In-Unit. The unit consists of a trailer cabin built by Cabins to Go Ltd in North Auckland.


Emily travels to key places around the Hibiscus Coast creating safe and fun environments for young people to hang out, and interact with young adult role models such as our youth workers. The Emily Project compliments a presence based model of youth work that looks to provide connection and positive relationships with young people in their spaces of belonging.


Having Emily means that invitations can be extended to a range of environments creating effective engagement with out of school activities and community events. Emily also serves as an ‘information centre’ of sorts for young people. The staff at the event will have all the information and resources that pertain to youth and the areas in which the Trust functions. The aim is always to have our local young people well informed of what is happening and the services available to them and the connection to these providers increased. This results in better connectedness, support, and immersion of healthy young people in our community.


The New Zealand survey “Youth 2000’ states that “youth are influenced by the community they live in. The availability of safe activities and opportunities support a young person in their healthy development towards adulthood… It also discourages engagement in risky behaviours.” It goes on to conclude that “for a young person, having a significant adult who is not part of their family is an important protective factor to support this development too.” Additionally, a survey done of young people in Whangaparaoa indicated a need for youth spaces without accessibility barriers and limitations- this is what The Emily Project helps to provide on the Hibiscus Coast.


Effective youth work though a resource such as The Emily Project helps address the wider needs of healthy, growing, young people. It also works to reduce the gap between service and delivery as it moves towards the young people’s world rather than expecting them to venture from it.