24-7 Youth Work


Outside of home, youth spend most of their time at school. It is where many of their problems surface and their significant social circles form. A great deal of a young person’s day is spent at school and much of their life is concerned with it. Therefore, isolating their school experience from the rest of their life doesn’t make sense. Research shows that the influences and experiences youth have during their school years are major determining factors of safe development. Schools also have the potential to play a major role in identifying and helping the significant numbers of youth with mental health, drug/alcohol misuse and violence/bullying concerns.


The New Zealand “Youth 2000″ study states “for young people, having a significant adult mentor, who is not part of their family, is an important protective factor to support development into a healthy productive adult”. With this in mind CYC Trust has implemented a “24-7 Youth Worker” strategy. We believe Schools can be a place where youth workers can get alongside and encourage young people as the significant adult. CYC Trust 24-7 Youth Workers can also help meet educational needs and wider requirements of healthy, growing, young people.


24-7 Youth Work is an integrated in-school and out-of school approach to youth work. 24-7 Youth Work meets all the needs of a resiliency-based youth program model. We have based the programming on making a sustainable difference that enhances youth development.


24-7 Youth Workers focus on five key outcomes

Supporting students and staff. Complementing and enhancing the role of teachers through extra curricular activities an holistic support.

Building positive relationships. Between students, students and staff, and other significant adults like our youth workers.

Cultivating school spirit. Working alongside students, student councils, and staff in creating a safe and friendly environment where students enjoy their their time at school and develop a sense of whanaungatanga (good citizenship).

Leadership Development. Encouraging and strengthening individual students in leadership roles.

Integrating students with suitable out of school activities. Safe opportunities for invitations to a full range of activities and significant relationships available in the community.

CYC Trust 24-7 Youth Work Programmes:

Peer Smart

• Peer smart aims to create an environment for young people to explore four key topics:

o Friendships
o Dealing with stressful or difficult situations
o Positive thinking
o Resiliency

• Aimed at school years 7-9 for both male and female.
• We aim to equip these students with positive life skills, help them to develop healthy and sustainable relationships, and resiliency.
• One course a term for both male and female respectively.
• Typically seeing 5 to 10 young people per course.



• This program is for young women who may be struggling with low self worth and poor self care.
• ChiX offers a forum where:

o The myths around the industry standards of beauty and unrealistic personal expectations are deconstructed.
o New perspective is shown and participants are encouraged to embrace their own uniqueness and celebrate the uniqueness in others.
o The program identifies some of the decisions young people make due to stress, and how to deal with this.
o It looks to educate youth around the risk attached to unhealthy decision-making and help instill sustainable positive responses.

• The course is offered over a 2 day workshop. One course per term, typically seeing 8 to 10 young people per course.

o Follow-up mentoring is available when required.


Butterfly Symposium

• Aimed at year 9 girls as an intro to ChiX.
• Butterfly Symposium operates in the same way as ChiX but at an introductory level.
• The course aims to dissect issues around self-esteem and worth. It also delves in to safety on social media and healthy relationships
• The course is offered over a 2 day workshop. One course per term, typically seeing 8 to 10 young people per course.

o Follow-up mentoring is available when required.


The Rite Journey

• Aimed at at year 10- 13 males.
• The Rite Journey helps to support the development of self aware, resilient, and responsible young people.
• Given the lack of Rites of Passage in the western world, young people are left to invent their own which can often result in unhealthy and unsafe behaviour. The Rite Journey reinvents the traditional process of a Rite of Passage to assist in aiding the young person to become more responsible, driven, and choosing to make healthy decisions.
• The course is held twice a year in term 2 and 3.


visit: www.24-7youthwork.org.nz